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Posted May 7, 2013 by beth in Male Enhancement

Hard Times for Men Review – How Effective Is It?

Product Reviewed: Hard Times for Men
Reviewed by:
Beth Bettridge



Hard Times for Men is an all natural male enhancement formula that will work for you in as little as twenty minutes.

Hard Times for Men is an all natural male enhancement formula that will work for you in as little as twenty minutes. There is an official website for Hard Times for Men but it is unknown what company manufacturers it. The only way to contact the company is through a generic email system through the website and no phone numbers were found either. Overall, the website doesn’t look very professional and seems more like a site for pornographic materials.

How Hard Times for Men Works

There is not a full list of ingredients for Hard Times for Men but the key ingredients include flos caryophylli, rhizome curculigimis, semen allii tuberosi, herba epimedii and rhizome polygonati. There is a description for each of the ingredients on the official website but none of these ingredients are commonly used in other sexual enhancing formulas. Hard Times for Men will help to stimulate your libido and will help to provide a stronger and healthier blood flow to the penis, which will help to give you a longer lasting, firm erection.

It is recommended to take one capsule of Hard Times for Men approximately thirty minutes before any sexual activity and it will begin to work within twenty minutes of taking it. You cannot take more than one capsule within a twenty-four hour period and you should speak with your doctor if you have any medical conditions before you take it. Hard Times for Men has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA and the warning label is quite lengthy.

Hard Times for Men Benefits

  • There is a list of ingredients.
  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • There are customer reviews found for Hard Times for Men.

Hard Times for Men Drawbacks

  • You cannot purchase it directly from the manufacturer.
  • It is expensive.
  • There is not a money back guarantee offered from the manufacturer.
  • There is no clinical data provided for Hard Times for Men.

Where to Buy Hard Times for Men

You can purchase Hard Times for Men at hardtimespill.com, a1supplements.com, buyhardtimes.com, naturalmaleenhancementdrugs.com, Amazon and eBay.


Hard Times for Men doesn’t look to be a product that you really want to try, as there is not a lot of positive information about it. There was only one customer review found on a third party website and the rest of the reviews were on the official website, so it is unknown if those are true or false.

Hard Times for Men is also quite expensive with one pill retailing for $4.75-$9.99 and it only lasts for one day. Even if you only used it three times a week, that would still be $60 a month, which is quite high. It would be smart to keep searching for another supplement that has quality ingredients, good reviews and costs a lot less.

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